Upload Image/File with AngularJS and PHP

In this tutorial, we going to see how to upload Image/File with AngularJS and PHP. The main advantage in the AngularJS is weightless and without reloading your web page you can do more things. As like the same without web page refresh or reload you can upload your image and file.

The process of this Image/File uploading is you can upload the Image/File in your preferable path. Here I have done with uploads folder as same like this you can create whatever folder which would you like and one more thing is you can store your Image/File name in your database using PHP. After completion of this process, you can fetch those images and preview on your web page without a refresh by using AngularJS.

If you looking for Image/File uploading with AngularJS and PHP, Here this can help you simple integration process with your project. With the help of AngularJS and PHP, we going to do the following process to execute the Image/File upload and preview.