Google Two Factor Authentication Sign In and Join

  • On: 30th May 2018
  • Category: jQuery

Hi, friends in this post I show you how to do google two-factor authentication sign in and join now using jQuery, PHP & MySQL. Two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator App for Android or iPhone. You having the problem with hackers for your password.

Then the two-step verification can defend from abuse of your account if someone having your password, since signing into your account regularly you need a verification code this verification code is different created for your account, by scanning QR code from your mobile Google Authenticator App, a different code is sent to your Google Authentication App for every 40-50 seconds.

In the next step, you enter your password with two-step verification, we can keep our account high securely with both password & google authentication code. Add this two-factor authentication to secure your account much stronger.